The goal of every business is to maximize profitability and build relationships that can be leveraged into greater growth. For many businesses, this trajectory involves pursuing marketing and advertising strategies that highlight the brand’s strengths, rectifying its weaknesses, and exploring new, untouched avenues for exposure. In the process, some businesses lose sight of arguably the biggest mission of all: connecting with customers for greater effect. Andres Ospina, CEO of Bold Mark, discussed this dynamic in detail recently with clients on a VIP conference call to better inform them about core business goals.

One of the most vital components to business is connecting with clients, according to Andres Ospina. “If you want to be able to interact with a customer and ultimately be able to influence them, then you must first understand what makes them tick”, he said on the conference call. He elaborated by saying “while the concept is simple, you wouldn’t believe how many businesses fail to take this simple advice into account when planning marketing and promotional strategies”. Connecting with an audience requires deliberate and careful work, but businesses and entrepreneurs will be greatly rewarded for their efforts.

One of the biggest benefits of establishing these connections relates to loyalty. As Bold Mark often explains to clients, loyalty makes the difference between a snub and a sale; the difference between a one-time purchase and lifetime commitment. A powerful strategy that incorporates the use of effective marketing with personalized appeals and communication can overcome even the greatest of disadvantages, Andres Ospina reminded those on the conference call. “Loyal customers are far more willing to spend when others won’t, and they’re also more willing to spend more”, he said.

Technology has made the ability to connect with customers easier than ever, which was a crucial point Andres Ospina reiterated to clients on the call. In the past, businesses were relegated to cold-calling and mass-mailing campaigns in order to find supporters. Today, a variety of technologies that utilize social media, email marketing, and other advertising venues allow for quick and easy hyper-targeting that makes bonding with customers much easier. Bold Mark understands the value of these technologies and encourages its clients to adopt them as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

There is immense value for businesses that pursue meaningful relationships with their customers. As the nature of marketing and consumer outreach continues to change and accelerate, Bold Mark will stand alongside its clients, armed with the best advice and strategies to guide them in the right direction.