The power of teamwork is undisputed in the world of business, with ideal circumstances meaning each team member is ready and willing to perform at their best. Entrepreneurs and established business leaders alike understand the value of effective communication and morale, using these dynamics to improve efficiency and produce results. Sports analogies are commonly used in business discussions in a passing sense, but the lessons waiting to be learned are more profound than many realize. Last month, Bold Mark CEO Andres Ospina discussed specifics on why leaders should look to sports for both wisdom and inspiration.

Arguably one of the most important elements seen in sports that should be imported to businesses is the motivation of team players to care about more than themselves, Andres Ospina noted. “Finding ways to incentivize employees can be a challenge but creating an atmosphere where more than a paycheck motivates workers is crucial”, he said. Ensuring that employees are properly compensated is, of course, necessary for morale and performance, he noted, but “pursuing a common goal should feature prominently in every workspace if maximum results are to be achieved”.

Leaders must also embody the spirit of coaches in their day-to-day management, according to Andres Ospina. He explained that coaches exist not just to motivate, but to train. Bold Mark reminds its clients on a regular basis that its services work best when the workforce itself is operating efficiently. In order to achieve this, business leaders must consistently be assisting individual employees in finding their own greatness. For those who merely leave their employees to their own devices, progress is likely to stagnate as the workers fail to learn new skills and eventually fall victim to their mundane environments.

Reputation and credibility are also important in both sports and business. Both players and employees look to their leaders for inspiration and guidance, but Bold Mark emphasizes that these elements do not come automatically. Trustworthiness and reputation must be built over time, through careful management of social environments and respect for the work that employees provide. Without a solid reputation and a belief that leaders are in fact credible, neither coaches nor entrepreneurs and CEOs are able to effectively lead.

With so many commonalities between sports and business, it should surprise nobody that leaders are looking for inspiration in the athletic arena. Bold Mark understands the power of inspiration and will continue to provide insight and advice to clients in order to produce the best results possible for businesses.