Each generation has their own way of doing things, based upon a reaction to the world they’ve grown up in. Generation Y are often considered the most entrepreneurial generation, having grown up alongside booming economies that embraced a ‘can do attitude’ to education and business. A recent report in Entrepreneur magazine, however, looks at signs that Generation Z could be even more entrepreneurial. Here, BOLD Mark reviews the article and looks at the impact that this new generation can have on USA business.

“Every generation wants to make their own path in life, and create a future that’s more exciting and more rewarding than the one that faced their parents”, said the Managing Director Andres Ospina of BOLD Mark. “The new generation has had to work harder than ever at school, and have been assessed and coached like never before. This can provide a perfect platform for the hard work and analysis that’s needed to be an entrepreneurial success.”

The article is based upon a survey of high school and college students that belonged to Generation Z, the generation born between 1994 and 2010. The survey found that more than 70% of high school students and more than 60% of college students want to start their own business one day. It also found that 61% of high school students said that they would rather be an entrepreneur than an employee when they leave college.

What are the reasons for this entrepreneurial, go-getting attitude that Generation Z has? One reason is that they have grown up at the same time as an amazing technological revolution. They’ve seen that anything is possible and that innovation is wonderful. They’ve also seen the rewards that technology entrepreneurs can get, and many of them want the same. These young would-be business people also have more resources than preceding generations. They can find all the information they need online and can contact mentors who can help them through the entrepreneurial process. The survey also found that this generation’s parents are pushing them on to achieve as much success as possible, and this could pay dividends in years to come.

“It’s great to read that Generation Z in the USA are so business-focused, and I see exactly the same thing when I talk to young people all over”, said Andres Ospina’s Managing Director of BOLD Mark. “This is a generation that doesn’t want to be mediocre, instead they are hungry for success. I can see some very exciting businesses appearing in the years to come.”

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