Leadership involves many things, but few would argue that productivity doesn’t affect everything that an entrepreneur or business pursues. Particularly important in the infancy of a business, productivity and efficiency can make the difference between a viable business endeavor and a complete and total flop. How the best leaders in each industry manage to improve productivity is a topic of constant discussion – for obvious reasons. Recently, Bold Mark CEO Andres Ospina highlighted the most common habits of highly productive leaders in a conference call with clients.

The biggest habit of leaders who know how to get things done is a sense of needing to perform, Andres Ospina said. “Leaders understand that the pressure is always on, and want to rise to meet that demand”, he said. “Some people are naturally born with this trait and others develop it over time, but to be effective requires an understanding that every minute of the day presents opportunities in which to perform better”, he went on to state. Additionally, he noted that every productive leader also understands why improving in any given situation is important.

Developing a meaningful influence within the office and in leadership circles is another crucial component to being productive, Andres Ospina stated. Bold Mark is consistently emphasizing the need to build rapport and have influence within the office to its clients, as such situations help better encourage employees to work hard for the same goals that the leader is pursuing. When people respect and admire their leaders, they are far more likely to work harder and be more productive – which helps augment the productivity of the business at-large.

Leaders who produce highly productive work environments also have an ability to bring energy to their workspaces, which is one characteristic Bold Mark explains to its clients is being vital. An enthusiastic, energy-driven entrepreneur can absolutely outwork anybody else, but the true strength in this energy is infusing others with it. An invigorated workforce has the ability to surpass expectations time and time again, but only if leaders are capable of bringing that energy to the table in the first place.

High productivity is a goal for many entrepreneurs and businesses, but such productivity must originate from the leaders before the enterprise can follow suit. Bold Mark brings such energy to its operations on behalf of its clients and simultaneously provides productive insight to those clients in order to guide them toward better and more productive decision making.