At BOLDMark, we know that environment plays a huge role in an individual’s performance. Many times job leaders and bosses think that having a fixed routine and a strict company culture enables their workers and colleagues to stay on top of their game. On the contrary, at BOLDMark, we believe in something a bit more trendy and different. “Our company culture is vibrant. We’re excited to be a company that welcomes diversity, creativity, innovation, and ideas. We know that having a different environment produces the most effective results,” says Andres Ospina, managing director of BOLDMark.

Studies recently done on the performance of workers at different companies varied out scenarios that portray which individual does better in two different situations. One including a break in between with a fun company culture, and the other with nothing, a regular break. The research then indicated that a fun company culture actually produced great work results in comparison to the other. We look up to powerful and inspiring companies such as Google and Apple; they know how to make their environment vibrant so that their workers and colleagues feel like work can be great too — we believe in the same type of creativity at BOLDMark.

Not only this but we noticed that because of our vibrant culture and effective strategies, we have grown in every aspect. This is only because we produce positive vibes at our firm. We want nothing but a creative mindset flowing around with great ideas being shared continuously. Our crew members love being with us and every day is a great adventure for us to tackle and challenge ourselves with. Our motto at BOLDMark is simple, work hard; play hard!