At BOLDMark, we’ve had an incredible 2017. But since 2018 started, we created some goals for ourselves that we knew we had to reach. Those targets became our everyday lifestyle, and because of that, we were able to challenge ourselves and work through to achieve our dreams. In order for a company or business to be on the top, expansion is one way to ensure this. Not many companies find it in their ability to expand in the way that we have. Our success is because we believe in ourselves and due to that, as well as our creativity strategies, BOLDMark has been able to flourish in 2018 so far.

“Many times goal setting is a huge part of success. Since 2017 we’ve made it our goal to push through and reach our goals. We are a kind of company that does not give up easily, and we challenge ourselves continually. Our strive and drive is what makes us go forward, and we know that with positivity and hard work we can accomplish anything” says Andres Ospina, managing director of BOLDMark.

BOLDMark believes in leadership, confidence, and challenges. All these qualities have made us reach the top and helped us expand into new territories to review their background and utilize for our firm. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver anything we set our minds to, and do to that reason we have made it this far. Expansion for us has been a great experience, but we are not stopping here. We will see what 2018 and 2019 have in store for us — we know there are greater things out there to reach!