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Since sales and marketing are tightly linked to a company's reputation and key customer relationships, only a proven expert could be trusted to manage such brand and key business relationships. Our overall marketing approach enhances client loyalty, which results in increased revenues and long-term consumers, while creating a positive and long-lasting impression.

Our Services

We drive revenue, customer acquisition, and market share objectives in the various sectors through our highly skilled, professional sales teams. ​BoldMark is experienced in the design and execution of outsourced sales solutions for many of the world's leading and emerging companies. We can deliver solutions that are business-to-business, events, retail or business-to-consumer.

Why Choose Us?

Guaranteed senior level contacts and resources assigned to your campaign, so you deal with experienced personnel. We have built a heritage of growing our clients' advanced offerings in new and existing accounts by leveraging our market knowledge, technical expertise, end-user relationships, and face to face approach.



We had a great 2017. We expanded our presence into new markets, opened more offices in the northeast, and taken on some exciting new clients. Now that 2018 is upon us, we have a higher vision for the future. We believe that the key to continued growth and consistent success in our future endeavors lies in our ability to recruit exceptional people.Since our recent expansion, positions and opportunities have opened up in our NJ office. If you have a passion for marketing/sales and want to grow in a positive, high-energy environment, you may be a good fit for our team.


Management at BOLDMark believes in one thing above others: Leadership. The management team believes that every principle taught to our team should be reflected in our every day actions.  We work hard to BE the best example possible, rather than just SAY what that is.

Our management team in not only knowledgeable in the job functions that our team is responsible for, they are experienced in it. We believe that the best leaders are ones who have served time in the trenches. Leading from the front requires experience!

Every great company is a product of its backbone: the administrative team. At BOLDMark, we pride ourselves on our unique corporate culture and atmosphere. Our administrative team is a stunning example of that culture and atmosphere in action. Mixing a combination of work-ethic and fun is important to daily success and a big part of how our administrative team keeps things going.

At BOLDMark, we believe that bringing on board the best team starts with finding the best trainers. Being able to replicate yourself is one of the most valuable skills to any company. We pride ourselves in our ability to find some of the best trainers in the business.

Our leadership staff is responsible for training and grooming the next generation as we continue to grow our presence internationally. Using proven and effective training techniques, our leadership staff is able to give the resources, dedication, and hands-on experience needed to create an award-winning marketing force for your business.

At BOLDMark we understand that, when it comes to representing a client, brand image is incredibly valuable. Having worked with some of the worlds largest and most influential brands for years, we have mastered the ideal image and presentation for our Account Representatives. This ensures that potential customer’s image of your brand will be in the hand of some of the most professional and knowledgeable representatives in the industry.

Our Account Representatives are some of the most energetic and approachable professionals in the industry. We pride ourselves in our unique corporate culture and atmosphere, and our team is the embodiment of that culture. We always encourage our clients to meet with us on one of our team outings!


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We provide intensive training that assures profound understanding of your products, reward programs and overall strategic objectives.



We conduct extensive market research to profile and qualify the most profitable customers and initiate venue selection to best target your prospects.



Field activity is monitored and applications are submitted for rigorous quality control. Our unique and effective sales process begins and metrics are established for benchmarking.



Key performance analytics are measured and ongoing improvements are made where indicated. Staffing, scheduling, and coordination is completely turnkey.



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